Why Is My Metal Roof Leaking? 3 Likely Causes of Premature Roof Leaks

Why Is My Metal Roof Leaking? 3 Likely Causes of Premature Roof Leaks

commercial metal roofing supplierThere are countless reasons to have a commercial or residential metal roof installed. They’re durable, environmentally sustainable, and don’t typically require much maintenance. A painted metal roof can last for several decades and will even sustain 95% of its initial reflectance and emittance over time.

But even if a company uses the best residential or commercial metal roofing supplier for their metal roofing products, the high quality of the metal roof sheets won’t make a difference if the installation isn’t up to par.

In ideal circumstances, you shouldn’t have to repair or replace metal roofs for quite some time. But the reality is that if a homeowner or business owner hires a contractor who doesn’t specialize in steel roofing — or if they choose to go the DIY route — there’s a lot that can go awry. And, unfortunately, the owner might not realize there’s anything amiss until a rainstorm or a blizzard comes along, which can often result in emergency repair or replacement.

Remember: a brand new metal roof should not have leaks. If it does, it’s likely due to one of these three causes:

  • Roof slope
    In many cases, a leaky metal roof might be attributed to insufficient roof slope. For most roofs with metal shingles, it’s necessary to have four inches of rise for every foot of roof run, which equates to a slope of 4/12. If the slope is less than 3/12, you’ve likely found the source of the leak. However, there are quite a few commercial roofing systems that can be installed on slopes of 2/12 or greater, but only if they have a standing seam. There are exceptions for different types of systems, but if the slope is off, it’s a good bet insufficient slope is to blame.
  • Missing or poorly secured panels
    When metal roofing materials aren’t properly installed, it’s possible that they can shift or be blown away in strong winds. This will only happen when the roof sheets were not secured with fasteners in the correct way. If the metal panels were not interlocked or weren’t secured to the deck, you’ll have to replace any missing materials. Most metal roofs can withstand winds of up to 110 miles per hour, so if you find panels have blown off, you’ll have a good indication that they were installed incorrectly, thus causing the leak.
  • Improper flashing
    If no flashing was installed around vulnerable areas of the home — like around a sky light or brick chimney — this may lead to leaking. You should also check end walls and side walls, as well as in roof valleys. These tend to be areas where leaks originate, so you’ll want to look at these critical areas, especially if you can’t find another obvious cause of a leak.

To avoid the possibility of metal roof leaks, proper installation is a must. After all, having an exceptional commercial metal roofing supplier isn’t going to matter if the installation was shoddy. Of course, you still need to ensure that the products you use are of the highest quality. As one of the top commercial metal roofing suppliers anywhere, we’re carry a huge variety of metal roofing products and supplies. If you want to find out more about how a high-quality metal roof can protect your business or your home from harm, contact us today to get started.